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mentors, advisors and trainers of cross-cultural engagement

Make your company strong
through cultural understanding

faeron communication

Watch Jacqueline's TEDx Talk and learn about the behavior of trust across cultures

If you would like to learn more about Faeron's intercultural trust work, see our 'Creating a Culture of Trust Series'

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our mission

Expand global citizenship, cultural awareness and intercultural trust in every business around the world

We are mentors, advisors and trainers of cross-cultural engagement, delivering programs that can expand your reach and role as a global business leader

our mission

Reduce risk

Diminish confusion by learning how cultures respond to power, take risks, communicate, and work in groups

reduce risk

Increase productivity

Sensitize your workforce to the strength of cultural diversity and increase morale, trust, respect, and productivity

increase productivity

Strengthen your brand

Enhance your role as a global leader by demonstrating culturally-sensitive practices

strengthen your brand

our programs

Learning is an organic process.
Bring your questions, engage in Socratic discussion, and learn…

- our programs can be translated -









All Faeron courses are supplemented by a customized manual that includes trust-building strategies designed specifically for the client. These strategies are the culmination of an intensive needs assessment (virtual survey, and when requested, interviews) distributed to the client’s employees and analyzed by a Faeron team.

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