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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act,

but a habit.”


We’ve learned that teaching the material sets the stage. Follow-up mentoring and coaching tests understanding, expands skill sets, increases risk taking, builds camaraderie, and enhances the company’s success.

delivery title
engagement model

our engagement model


Consists of four non-consecutive hours of online learning about cross-cultural models and concepts.

This phase culminates with (1) an essay section requiring respondent to describe cross-cultural challenges or observations from their work environment, (2) a choice of one to four cultures to highlight in the following Application phase, and (3) a knowledge check to test understanding of material.

Note: Culture choices and essay topics are shared with client to determine the cultures and essay topics to be highlighted in the following Application phase. 


Consists of one to three classroom session(s) applying Groundwork to specific cultures.

This phase culminates with the design of team (if a team training) or individual actionable goals.



An optional phase consisting of up to four weeks of online mentoring / coaching for individuals or small groups to achieve goals.

This phase culminates with a report delivered to participant. It is recommended that copies of reports are delivered to supervisors and goals are tied to performance appraisals.

Our engagement model is
applied to all of our programs

Learning is an organic process.
Bring your questions, engage in Socratic discussion, and learn…



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