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Cross-Cultural Intervention or Mediation

The interventionist or mediator in a conflict management situation sets the tone of cultural sensitivity. Knowing what to do and what not to do is essential to ensure that culture is a bridge, not a barrier, to resolving conflict and reaching common ground.

Program Details

We provide intervention and mediation services for situations in which cultural differences are a factor in a workplace conflict.

Our interventionists and mediators are:

  • Educated about culture’s influence on conflict

  • Culturally sensitive in their approach to conflict management

  • Respectful of diverse communication styles and cultural motivators

  • Aware of their own cultural triggers and quick to suppress culturally influenced reactions should they arise

Parties to a conflict come away with:

  • An understanding of culture’s influence on workplace conflict

  • A broadened perspective of the conflict

  • Elegant solutions that meet the needs of the cultures involved in the conflict

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