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We hired Faeron Communication to teach us how to work successfully with our international colleagues. Jacqueline Oliveira, the facilitator (and founder of Faeron) delivered a great cultural session to our employees titled, “Creating a Culture of Trust for International Colleagues, Customers and Contractors”. The program focused on a variety of cultural differences and provided a new perspective about how to interface with other cultures. It was an opportunity to reflect upon the mindful approach to trust, in order to increase cultural awareness in the workplace. It also illustrated how to show respect by listening, making others feel as part of one culture and learning their reactions and behavior to seek the opportunity to work with them. One of the favorite moments in this session was having participants share great anecdotal experiences. Based on the evaluations, participants clearly learned a lot and will apply their insights to their work responsibilities. We thoroughly appreciated the session and will have Faeron back as we grow throughout the world. 

Nury Lara-Niebles

Culture & Language Program Manager

Apeel Sciences, Inc. 

I lead one of the brands that my Swiss-based company just acquired. I know how difficult it can be to work with people from different cultures. Our team works closely with Vietnamese, so I hired Faeron Communication to assist us to work effectively with our Vietnamese counterparts and customers. Jacqui Oliveira of Faeron Communication, delivered to our marketing team (a team of over 50 people) an excellent workshop titled, “Designing a Culture of Trust with Vietnamese.” I watched Jacqui address the teams’ questions and challenges by expertly weaving theory and application into her responses to provide excellent advice that they could expressly use in their jobs. Faeron also provided a resource handout that we continue to consult when we work with Vietnamese. The training received the highest praises (written and spoken) for her insights. Faeron Communication (and Jacqui!)  is now our go-to company for cultural insights and understanding!

Tommaso Visentini, 

Director, Consumer Market Insights, COTY, Inc. 

Jacqui is truly a talented individual with the ability to connect and identify with people from all backgrounds. This strength contributes to her success in the work she does. To help us prepare for our upcoming growth, Jacqui created a leadership workshop, titled A Growth Mindset at Direct Relief. The focus of the workshop was on continuing to build trust throughout the organization as we expand, exploring and understanding various leadership styles, and fostering an overall healthy, diverse workforce. Jacqui has a deep, genuine understanding of diversity and cultural differences, which sets her apart from others in her field. She is truly amazing!


Julie Morello, Director, Human Resources

Direct Relief

No matter how much one travels and interacts with other cultures, the intricacies of traditions and overall communication practices are so vast that focused cross-cultural training is a necessity.

Jacqui and her experienced team provided us with invaluable cross-cultural education.  Through an interactive and engaging discussion Jacquie helped us identified the gaps in our current communication approach and together we crafted a tailored new strategy.  The information was practical, country specific and based not only on her years of experience but also on well researched scientific studies, on communication styles and cultural differences using verbal and nonverbal cues. We are truly looking forward to continue learning from Jacqui and her team.


Wendy Savage, Director of Supply Chain Social Responsibility and Traceability

Patagonia, Inc.

Jacqui delivered an excellent program to our multicultural staff. We wanted a program that would assist us to increase trust between our departments. I knew that with increased trust, our staff would be more apt to be creative and productive, and enjoy their jobs even more. To improve cross-cultural skills, you need to demonstrate openness, genuineness, and integrity. Multicultural skills are acquired over time, not overnight. Since most of us tend to avoid anything that is unfamiliar, it takes a true commitment to educate ourselves and broaden our "comfort zone." Building trust across cultures is Faeron’s forte, so we knew we had the perfect program, and we did. We learned practical skills that we are using with each other and with our multicultural membership. The education program Jacqui provided was the perfect investment in our staff.


Michael Yamasaki

Executive Director, Channel Islands YMCA

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